BREAKING NEWS! The Moji Mi's have made their way into the hearts of thousands of people throughout the world! Love and giggliness are on the rise. Read below for details. 



Play The NEW "Tickle-A-Moji" Game!

It's a new take on Whack-A-Mole games! But more tickle-y!


Feelin' Playful & Wild!

NEW! This moji sure is colorful!


Feelin' Clumsy & Cuddly!

NEW! This moji just likes to chill.


New Cute Toys For Girls, Boys, and Adult Collectors!

If you love cute toys, you'll love Moji Mi!  Kids and adults who like toys like Pillow Pets, Little Live Pets, Zhu Zhu Pets, Palace Pets, Neopets, Furreal Pets, and Virtual Pets may like Moji Mi too!  What a great addition to your toy collection!  Collect them all!


Fortune Teller Game. Play It FREE!

Moji Mi knows the future. Moji Mi knows all! Play and be amazed! GO >




June 7 to 10, 2015, the Moji's took a road trip to Charlotte, North Carolina to ASTRA, the expo for the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association. The Moji's were excited to meet the other toys, and the many retailers!


NEW! Play The Moji Music Game

Compose a song using the Moji Mi's voices, and surprise sounds! GO >



Moji Mi Premieres at Toy Fair 2015!

Moji Mi are on the loose!  These lovable characters were unleashed on the world at Toy Fair 2015 today.  These emojicon creatures love to jibber jabber. What does Moji say?! Tickle their hair and find out! They chat with you and with each other. 


Moji Mi say and feel lots of  things  just like you…but they do get bored and fall asleep…and even snore! They feel happy, frazzled, bored, grumpy, silly…even kissy just like you. Just jiggle them and they'll wake up and start the chatting again!





Feelin' Sneaky and Sly! Seen Pranking

Watch out!  The Green Moji Mi has been spotted in the area, pranking kids and adults alike.  Some of these pranks have been caught on video, proving this is more than an urban myth.  Keep a look out for this green-faced trickster.   You never know where he'll show up!  It might be in your home. Or at school.  Or on the bus. Or who knows where! More on this developing story will folllow.